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Le Nostalgia De Edwige

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rock & Roll Underground (Don't Even Trip)

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Do you want fries with that McNavarro
The only meat Dave cares about is his own. ~Brad M.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Funkopathe Spins Rare FUNK Vol. 13

Artist / Track / Country

Steady Wailin’ SID / Mannik-Mannik / US
Som Orlando Silveira / Kohoutec / Brazil
Big Julien & His All Star / Wake the monster / UK
Assagai / Telephone Girl / South Africa
Boscoe / He keeps you / US
Beto Strada / Guittarra / Brazil
Renata Lu / Faz Tanto Tempo / Brazil
Franco Micalizzi / Affanno / Italy
Heart-Soul & Inspiration / Make love to your mind / US
Lim Taylor / The world is in a bad situation / US
Ekambi Brillant / Nyambe / Camerun