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Le Nostalgia De Edwige

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KLEEER ::: I Love To Dance

1. Tonight's The Night (Good Time)
2. Keep Your Body Workin' ♫
3. Happy Me
4. I Love To Dance
5. It's Magic ♪
6. To Groove You
7. Amour
8. Kleeer Sailin'


L.E.B. Harmony :::: Disco Boogie

Disco Boogie 3:54
♫ Feeling Love 8:42
Childhood For Ever 5:06
Kid's Dance 2:51
Discorgan 8:31
Smaller Than You 2:40
Is It Reasonable 3:47

Les Yper-Sound - Too Fortiche (FR, 1967)

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier

1 Psyché Rock
2 Psyché Rock outro
3 Jericho Jerk
4 Teen Tonic
5 Too Fortiche


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Suprise Power

Label: Down Beat Records
Catalog#: DB 8210
Format: Vinyl, 12", Mixed
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco

Side A.

♫ Disco Explosion ♫

A1 Who's Who - Palace Palace
A2 Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite
A3 Disco Dream And The Androids - Dream Machine
A4 Magnifique - Magnifique
A5 Azoto - Anytime Or Place
A6 Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite
A7 Ganymed - We Like You
A8 Denise McCann - I Have A Destiny
A9 Azoto - Exalt Exalt
A10 Bingo Band - Power Music
A11 Macho - I'm A Man
A12 Macho - Because There Is Music In The Air
A13 Shock - Angel Face
A14 Kikrokos - Life Is A Jungle

Side B.
♫ Formule 1 Dynamite ♫

B1 Giorgio Farina - Farina's Suite
B2 Paul Sabu - Untitled
B3 Five Letters - Got Got Money
B4 'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic
B5 Giorgio Farina - Untitled
B6 Ann Margret - Love Rush
B7 Mike Theodore Orchestra - High On A Mad Mountain
B8 Passengers - Hot Leather
B9 Skyline - Think I'm Falling In Love


Cloud One (1977)

Funky Disco Tracks Of Cloud One

1Jump Jump Jump
2 Funky Track
3 Stomp Your Feet And Dance
4 ♫
Music Funk
5 Happy Music

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Friday, January 1, 2010

I Shall Return (7" Single 1979)

7" Single

Ultimate Warlord

The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord

Found at The Ultimate Warlord on KOhit.net

Whispers, The - And The Beat Goes On
Shalamar - Make That Move
Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
Maurice Massiah - We Can Go To Your House
Rod - Shake It Up
Carrie Lucas - I Gotta Keep Dancin'
Immortals, The (2) - The Ultimate Warlord
Bombers, The - Everybody Get Dancin'

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